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Viticulture and landscape

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The heat has arrived, intense and resounding. So far, the average temperature during this month is 36ºC. The high temperatures of this spring compete with those of summer. Scarce rainfall in april and may have given some relief to the vines. The weather seems to respond to the human desire to go out and enjoy some sightseeing. We start the high season in our Wine Tourism Center, Hotel and Restaurant. Also, it is the most decisive period in the vineyard.

Fruit setting and veraison

It is in the month of June and with the arrival of the heat, when the flowers open to give way to fertilization. Once fertilized, they will develop and give rise to the fruit of the grape. This process is known as fruit setting.

During the summer the fruit ripens progressively, and it will change colour in the so-called veraison stage. In Priorat, veraison takes place in July. Our field staff monitors the vineyard to ensure that the grapes have an optimal growth. In the vineyard, colour explodes: the red grape grains go from green to an intense red and violet tone, while the white grapes evolve to a yellowish colour. The green of the chlorophyll disappears, giving way to the pigments of each grape variety. Once veraison is over, the seed of the fruit is already formed, the grapes have a high acidity content and the sugar level is still low. The grape ripening process also determines the main aromatic components of each variety.