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Since 1996, Buil & Giné have been putting big efforts on our own grapes production. Our history started six generations ago in the vineyards, and we believe that our future can only be based on them.

In 2003 we started an ambitious research program in order to identify and be able to experiment with the best plantations, the ones that we identify as really special. We are talking about those vineyards that can deliver excellent quality grapes. Vineyards, that at the same time, are able to show us the ‘personality’ of our varietals and the small plantations where they grow. Grapes that can bring us great memories and knowledge.


Mas Giné 2013
Mas Giné
Carmí Salvatge

We start that program in our main property in Gratallops. There we have two small old vineyards that today are close to 100 years old. They are planted with red Garnatxa, Garnatxa Peluda and Samsó in a ‘magic’ proportions that give us a kind of Aristotelic perfection that we never found before. For Aristoteles that is perfect ‘…which is complete, which contains all the requisite parts, which is so good that nothing of the kind could be better… ‘ We had the conviction that we found something really closed to that concept.

When you are able to combine high artistic expressions with scientific excellence, then you have the perfect environment to be close to that perfection concept.

Those little old vine parcels always made great wines, always showed the excellence and the sincerity of our varietals, always went direct to the essence of Priorat and always been grateful to the people that was taking care of them. At the same time, looking them from a scientific point of view, the wines obtained from them were always very closed to the total balance, this kind of balance “… which contains all the required parts”.

So we decided that all vintages where we could reach scientific excellence that, at the same time, will allow us to enjoy the highest artistic expressions, those vintages, and only those, we will make the Mas Giné.

First time it happened was 2009, second time 2013. Today we can tell you that we will also have 2017, and hopefully, also 2018.

But it was just the first step in our research program, we keep working on every property, on every parcel, varietal by varietal.

Step by step we have been discovering lots of great singularities that we are releasing once each one is available.