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Flowering of the vines

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The drought has marked the evolution of the vegetative cycle of the vineyard. From the month of January to May 25, 69 l/m2 have been registered, when in recent years the registered average during the same period of time has been 200 l/m2. This has caused a very irregular sprouting: in the less humid areas we have observed that the leaf mass is between 10 and 20 cm, while in the more humid areas it can reach 1 m. At the same time, and generally, there is less vegetation due to the drought. Hence the urgent need for rain.

As budburst, flowering has started earlier compaired to last year, at the beginning of May. This is due to the high temperatures in April and the drought. Flowering is the phase of the vine’s vegetative cycle when the tiny white flowers open, waiting to be pollinated by the wind and insects. Flowering determines the volume of the harvest and the start date of the harvest. It is a decisive moment that will directly influence the production and quality of the wines of this vintage.

Once the flower is pollinated, the grape grain will begin to develop, the “curdling”, the transformation of the flower into fruit. Fruit set will be complete in two to three weeks after flowering.

This month of May we have also started green pruning to eliminate sterile saplings that have arisen from the trunk or branches. Other tasks in the vineyard include protecting the new shoots of the vines that are trellised. Also, preventive soil treatments.