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Can a rosé wine be made from white grapes? Or just red grapes? Perhaps it is a combination of the two types of grapes? or white wine and red wine?

The grapes can be white or black, but the color is mainly on the skin, which means that if we cut a black grape in half, we will see that its interior is the same as white, except for some varieties. Molecules called anthocyanins are responsible for this color.

To produce a rosé wine, the must is left for a short period of time to macerate with the grape skins. The skin contact provides with the desired rose colour.

Depending on how long we leave this maceration, the color of the wine will vary, from a “onion skin” color in the case of the palest to a more intense raspberry color. The longer we leave this maceration, the more intense and dark it becomes.

Who doesn’t fall in love with the color of our Giné Rosat ?!