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January marks the crucial moment “pruning”: An art that indicates the upward path to favor the creation of new grapes. The resting vines seem to enter into communion with the perennial beauty of the landscape.

 Likewise, January is synonymous with Encamisada and February, ‘Sant Blai’ (Saint Blaise), two traditional festivals with popular roots, where we will need good energy. On the weekend of January 20 and 21 we will celebrate the Encamisada in Falset, a festival of San Antonio Abad, patron saint of animals. On February 3, Saint Blaise, we invoke him to free us from sore throats and colds. We bless the food, especially the traditional sweets that we eat in front of its chapel while we dance Sardanas, a traditional Catalan dance, and we drink wine, sweet and rancid wines, whether in the shelter of the best company or alone.